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Wow, where to begin! Welcome to my very first blog posting on my new WordPress website where I’ll be sharing my thoughts regarding WordPress, letting all my Huelsman Way clients know what’s going on and even managing my business online through future project management and help desk ticketing features. It’s sort of a new beginning for me and I’m thrilled to see where it can all go!

New WordPress Sites

As I reported last month on (a personal blog I won’t be using any longer) I’m making the leap to WordPress from DNN; WordPress is by far more popular, has far more available resources and is easily the direction site development is going in. To get started, I purchased a new cloud server at (a top-notch hosting company that specializes in WordPress) and developed two new WordPress sites (this site along with a new site for my wife’s wedding-centric mobile DJ business “The Susie Show“). I have several more sites in development and, ultimately, plan to migrate all of my current DNN sites over to WordPress.

The Huelsman Way (.net)

This new site ( is intended to not just showcase myself, my work and my business but actually act as a new e-business hub, a single place my clients can go for information, technical help, new services and project management. The theme I purchased (along with several plugins I intend to purchase soon) will allow me to implement a series of improvements over time that will help me better manage projects and communicate with my clientele. Naturally, I’ll blog about these improvements as I get them into place over the next few months.

Susie Show Weddings

The other new site I just developed is Created to better support the popular wedding reception element of my wife’s mobile DJ business, the theme we chose is elegant and sophisticated, conveying how Susie puts a tremendous amount of passion, creativity and professionalism into every wedding she does. The site features a home page filled with key information and examples of her work, service-related pages that introduce potential customers to everything Susie has to offer and a simple yet highly-effective calendar that displays what dates Susie has available. The site is almost as much a work of art as a business and communications tool and we’re both quite pleased with its results!

Future WordPress Sites

As I’m building these new sites I’m trying to not just learn how they’re developed in general but how to be as efficient as possible in finding the right theme, installing its demo content, configuring the site (and its associated domain on my SiteGround cloud server) and delivering a site that is as professional as it was inexpensive to develop. To that end, I’ve established some specific parameters around building sites and their associated pricing. Basically, I’m looking to offer three general types of sites (1-5 pages, 5-15 pages and 15-30 pages) and provide appropriate services to fit any budget.

DNN to WordPress Conversions

For those of you who are currently hosted on my DNN systems, I’d like to migrate you over to WordPress sometime in 2017. Doing a site migration from one content management system to another isn’t easy; there’s a new theme to research, select, purchase and install, a new domain space to create on the SiteGround cloud server, all the content to port over (and, often, to recreate), email accounts to reconfigure and so forth. Hence, I’ll need to charge something for my time.

That said, I recognize that my clients didn’t exactly ask for a new migration, so to make this as fair as possible I’ve decided to charge only 50% of my new pricing rates for current Huelsman Way clients who wish to migrate over. For example, if you have a small (one to five page site) in DNN and want to migrate over to WordPress, I’ll only charge $200 instead of the standard $399. That INCLUDES a new theme (I typically buy my themes from, a new domain name if you want one (it’s always easier to build a site on a new domain name than an existing one) and all the time it takes to migrate everything over.

Again, my hope is to start shutting-down the DNN instances by the end of 2017. However, I’m not going to force anyone to migrate over; if you’re happy with your current DNN site and want to remain on DNN indefinitely, I will honor that.

Request for Testimonials

I’ll end this initial post with a request to my current clientele–I’d really appreciate a testimonial to put on my new website! I’m looking for very brief comments (just a sentence or two) regarding your experience with me over the years along with a picture of yourself that I can post near the bottom of my new home page. Just email me at and I’ll do the rest! Thanks everyone!

Professional web developer residing in Waunakee, Wisconsin.

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