WordPress Theme Collection Now Available!

Premium Coding Themes Now Available through The Huelsman Way

Are you a Huelsman Way client who is ready to switch over to WordPress from DNN? Would you like a free WordPress theme to get you started?

Premium Coding Themes Now Available

To help provide simpler yet professional WordPress themes to all Huelsman Way clients, I recently purchased a license to utilize ALL the themes available at PremiumCoding.com. These themes are all perfect for personal blogs and small businesses and through the license I purchased I can use any number of them on any number of client sites (typically, I have to buy one for each client, costs that I pass along to that client). So, if you’d like to move forward with a WordPress site rebuild and want to take advantage of ANY of the Premium Coding themes available, just pick one and let me know! We can then get started on migrating an existing site in DNN to my new WordPress cloud server.

Theme Sample Migration

As an example of what can be done with these new themes, I’ve spent the past few weeks customizing the Fantasy Posters theme to rebuild a multimedia-based original novel I wrote and produced back in the mid-1990s called “Wizard Reborn” (the original version of which I converted to my old DNN site a few years ago). This “MediaNovel” consisted of 795 pages of text, to which background music, audio and even video clips of the story’s characters were added. It was quite the effort–I spent years working on the original versions–and was the catalyst that got me into CD-ROM development (which ultimately led to web development and my successful career today).

I’ve only migrated the first two pages of the novel (just 793 to go!) but the overall theme of the site has been implemented and updated according to my business needs. So, check out the first page of the newly-migrated site and see what you think (and don’t forget to turn-up your speakers!). Note that the theme is fully-responsive (works well on tablets and smart phones as well as desktops) but the background music must be manually turned-on in order to hear it (that’s basically how embedded sounds work on a mobile device).

Let me know if you have any questions regarding these new Premium Coding themes!

Professional web developer residing in Waunakee, Wisconsin.

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