It’s Back to the Future for Me!

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Back in the day (around 2000-2005) I was not only a web content and application developer but an e-learning developer as well, specializing in a variety of online tools and systems used to not just build online courses but the very systems those courses were plugged into (known as “learning management systems” in the industry or a “LMS”). That was well over ten years ago but I’m getting back into the e-learning development industry and will soon offer these services to anyone needing to train folks online!

The Project

I recently signed a contract with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) to produce seven online learning modules intended to train loggers, foresters and home owners regarding invasive species best management practices. I’ll be working with the Forest Industry Safety and Training Alliance, Inc. (FISTA) along with WDNR to script, storyboard, produce, host and manage these seven modules, targeting a September 30th deadline.

The Technology

To develop the training, I’ll be purchasing the “Cadillac” software of the e-learning industry, a comprehensive suite of tools called Articulate 360. I’ll then host the overall solution on my SiteGround cloud server, running an instance of WordPress tied to the LearnDash LMS plugin. While the Articulate tools will help me develop the actual learning modules, I’ll also leverage a new subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud which will provide image, audio, video and PDF-making capabilities.

The Potential

The associated costs of this project is substantial, $999/year for the Articulate 360 license, $50/month for the Adobe CC license and $80/month for the SiteGround cloud server, along with a bunch of other incidental expenses. Subsequently, I intend to begin offering e-learning development, hosting and management services to ANYONE once my project with WDNR is complete. So, if you have a remote audience of learners who need to be trained regarding a particular subject, let me know and we can discuss your own e-learning project!

More WordPress Themes

A few other quick announcements. Again, I’ve started the process of migrating all my existing DNN websites to WordPress and will even have several sites ready to release on WordPress shortly! To help facilitate this process, I recently purchased a license with Premium Coding that will allow me to download, install, configure and host any of 26 general themes that any Huelsman Way client can choose.

I’m happy to report that I’ve just purchased ANOTHER license with Elegant Themes that not only will allow me to offer 80+ additional themes to Huelsman Way clients but some very nice WordPress plugins as well. Clients can still acquire other themes if desired (check out to see thousands of WordPress themes) but I’m now offering over 100 themes from two different vendors for free!

Chapter One of “Wizard Reborn” Now Live

Finally, check-out where this entire online odyssey for me began way back in the mid-1990s with my “25th Anniversary Edition” of my original MediaNovel “Wizard Reborn!” Originally 795 web pages spanning fifteen chapters and including hundreds of original music, audio and video clips–a complete 100,000+ novel–I recently decided to bring the old content back, improve on it and release it as a special anniversary edition in honor of all the folks who helped me build it nearly 25 years ago. Try browsing the first fifty pages of Chapter One, “Gauntlet of Rebirth” and see what you think!

Professional web developer residing in Waunakee, Wisconsin.

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